Sweet Treats


Pastry Chef: Samantha Lewis

Tiramisu   9

Italian lady fingers soaked in espresso and liqueurs layered with marsala, mascarpone cream and cocoa

Crème Brûlée    9

Classic vanilla served with a shortbread cookie

Crostata al Cioccolato  9

Shortbread crust, rich chocolate mousse filling served with raspberry coulis, whipped cream and dark chocolate

Torta di Formaggio  9

Cheesescake, Flavour of the day

Cioccolato Italiano  9

Flourless dark chocolate cake served with hazelnut gelato, frangelico caramel, chocolate sauce and roasted hazelnuts

Gelato e Sorbetto  7

Gelato: Chocolate, Vanilla and Hazelnut

Sorbetto: Lemon, Blood Orange and Raspberry

Affogato al Café o all’Amarena  8

Vanilla bean gelato drowned in espresso OR Turkish sour cherries marinated in brandy

Panna Cotta  9

Creany citrus custard topped with Marsala infused strawberries

Bocconi di Dolci  12

A sampling of three desserts chosen by our pastry chef

Biscotto della Casa  7

Five house made double chocolate fudge brownie cookies, packaged to go.

Cheese and Port  9

Two ounces of Grahams late bottled vintage port, paired with an ounce of Saint Agur blue cheese

Tartufi di Cioccolato 2.50/Each

Rich dark Bailey’s chocolate truffles rolled in toasted coconut.


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