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New Year's Eve

Guest feedback has prompted us to stick with our regular a la carte menu for New Year's Eve this year.  So if you want all of your Il Terrazzo favorites on NYE, this year, you're in luck.

There will be several staggered seatings.  The seatings 7:45 and earlier are subject to a 2 hour time restriction.  The later seatings at 8:00 and later are not time restricted.

A major credit card # will be required to hold a reservation for New Years' Eve.  There will be no charges to your credit card unless you do not cancel your reservation by December 30th, 2019 and fail to show up for your reservation on the 31st.  In this case a $25 per person no show fee will be applied to your credit card.  For those without a credit card a $25 per person deposit can be made in person at Il Terrazzo.  The same policy will be applied to credit cards and cash deposits.

Due to the nature of this event we will not be accepting reservation for larger parties.  The reservation form shows the maximum table size available at each seating time.

The fact that New Years Eve reservations require sensitive credit card information we are booking this event via this secure web page.  This affords everyone the peace of mind that we have done everything possible to protect our guests credit card data.

Reservation Requests

Seating Availability (max seating)
4:45 Good (4) [Reservation Request]
5:00 Almost Booked (4) [Reservation Request]
5:15 Fully Booked
5:30 Fully Booked
5:45 Fully Booked
6:00 Fully Booked
6:15 Fully Booked
6:30 Fully Booked
6:45 Fully Booked
7:00 Fully Booked
7:15 Fully Booked
7:30 Fully Booked
7:45 Fully Booked
8:00 Fully Booked
8:15 Fully Booked
8:30 Fully Booked
8:45 Fully Booked
9:00 Fully Booked
9:15 Almost Booked (2) [Reservation Request]
9:30 Almost Booked (4) [Reservation Request]
9:45 Almost Booked (6) [Reservation Request]